Hair braiding

There are so many kinds of hairstyle nowadays, so it’s difficult to impress somebody with something. If you want to make something unusual and marvelous, ask Nataliia for help, because such people know many techniques for sure. One of them is braiding. It’s a special technique, which is not commonly used, but hair stylist Nataliia knows a lot of different kinds of braids. This is her special think. She was doing this from the very beginning of her career when she was working in Ukraine.

You can have a French braid, which looks much more interesting that a traditional one. Also there is a fishtail technique. Not everyone can make it, because it’s really difficult. Five-strand braid is one of the hardest, because if in traditional you divide your hair into three sections, here you have five. It looks really attractive and is a perfect hairstyle for some celebrations. That’s only the most common styles, but there are much more of them.

Such hairstyle would be perfect forever. Many years ago women made it and would do it in a future . The only thing which is changing is that hairstylist create new methods of making the braiding, which will surprise women with any taste. So, be one of those who will start this trend again. Come to Nataliia and feel natural and amazing!

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